All Honor Defense pistols meet or exceed industry and U.S.A standards for safety. These include the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) / Sporting Arms Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute, Inc. (SAAMI®), and the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) test protocols. Abusive handling (drop tests and jar off tests) have been conducted internally and confirmed by an outside laboratory recognized by the State of California.
Recent events indicate that handling an Honor Guard pistol beyond U.S.A. safety standards by dropping or striking the firearm with a hammer may cause an unintentional discharge.  As a result, Honor Defense has developed an upgrade to the Honor Guard striker assembly (within the slide).
To receive the upgrade, go the Honor Defense website and follow the directions outlined in the Honor Guard Upgrade section. Once received, Honor Defense will upgrade your slide unit and promptly return it to you.
This upgrade will provide increased drop performance beyond U.S.A safety standards and is available to all owners of an Honor Guard pistol.
Honor Defense is committed to providing the best single stack pistols for personal protection and using only American craftsmanship and parts for our firearms. Honor Defense pistols have been designed utilizing 100% USA parts, materials with every firearm assembled by Veterans.
Honor Defense is also committed to safety and ensuring we produce the finest possible firearms. For example, in addition to exceeding industry standards, the Honor Guard is designed for disassembly without pulling the trigger, or the use of tools. This is part of the Honor Defense commitment to safety and overcomes one of the major safety issues consumers have with striker-fired firearms.The added feature of a take-down lever eliminates a disassembly activity that could potentially lead to an accidental discharge.
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If you want to participate in the voluntary Honor Guard upgrade, follow these steps:
  1. Complete the form below (you will receive a confirmation note from Honor Defense).
  2. Later this month, Fedex will email you a prepaid shipping label (please check your spam or clutter folder).
  3. Follow the instructions below to remove the Slide from your Honor Guard pistol.
  4. Mail your Slide to Honor Defense.
  5. Upon receipt, we will upgrade the Slide and return the unit to you.

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Removing the Honor Guard Slide

IMPORTANT! Always wear eye protection when disassembling this firearm and it’s magazine. Keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction at all times. Verify that the pistol is unloaded before performing any maintenance steps.

Review the Honor Guard Owner’s Manual carefully prior to disassembly.
  1. With the pistol pointed in a safe direction, and with your finger off the trigger and outside of the trigger guard, depress the magazine catch and remove the magazine. (Figure 1).
 WARNING!  This firearm is capable of firing with the magazine removed.  Proceed with caution.
  1. Start with the slide in the closed position. Continuing to keep your finger off of the trigger and outside of the trigger guard, grasp the serrated sides of the slide from the rear with your thumb and fingers.
  1. Pull the slide toward the rear of pistol and push the slide stop upward until the slide locks into place. (Figures 2 and 3).
Caution!  If there is an unfired cartridge in the chamber, it will be ejected as you pull the slide toward the rear.
  1. With the slide stop engaged, look into the chamber to verify that there are no cartridges present. You should look downward into the magazine well and forward toward the barrel.  Do not look into the barrel from the front of the pistol.  (Figure 4).
  1. Once you have verified that there are no cartridges within the pistol, rotate the take down lever 90 degrees clockwise. (Figure 5).
  1. With the take down lever rotated, grasp the top of the slide. (Figure 6). Pull the slide rearward to disengage the slide catch.
WARNING!  The recoil spring is under tension.
  1. Push the slide forward and remove from the frame without removing the recoil spring and guide rod assembly.
  1. Remove the guide rod and spring. (Figure 7).
  1. Remove the barrel from the bottom of the slide.
  1. With the recoil spring, guide rode, and barrel removed, return the slide to Honor Defense using the prepaid shipping label provided. Safely store all other parts of your Honor Guard pistol.
Notice! Please pack your slide carefully to avoid damage in shipping. We will use the same package or box that you used in shipping to us and are not responsible for damages in shipping.
Figure 1

Keep finger off of Trigger.

Remove Magazine.

Figure 2

Remove any round from the chamber.

Figure 3

Pull slide rearward and lock back.

Figure 4

Make sure chamber is empty.

Figure 5

Rotate Take-Down Lever clockwise to down position.

Figure 6

Pull Slide backwards and then slide off of front.

Figure 7

Remove Guide Rod.


Figure 8

Remove Barrel.

Here is a video on removing your Slide.

ALWAYS wear Safety Glasses when working with a firearm.