Top 5 9mm Handguns For Home-Defense

The 9mm handguns are considered the most popular in the world. Most of the major gun manufacturers fashion varieties of the 9mm handguns. As a result, it can be a daunting task trying to decide on which one is the best for home defense or personal use.

But, you don’t have to worry as this post features carefully selected top 9mm handguns that can help you achieve home and self defense and constitute a good conceal carry. So, this post is all about the best sellers when it comes to the 9mm sights.

First, A Brief History of the 9mm Handguns

The 9mm Parabellum originated from Germany in 1902 and was fashioned by George Luger, to be used in the “Luger” firearm  — this is where the “9mm luger” derived its name from. It was in the course of the World War I and World War II that the 9mm Parebellum became substantially popular. Today, all NATO forces have adopted it as a standard cartridge.

In the course of their daily duties, a good number of law enforcement members depend on the 9mm for defense. It simply means the cartridge will work just fine for anyone when it comes to defense. Also, it is now the number one cartridge used for pistol all over the world, making the 9mm a superb choice for different forms of survival scenarios.

Here’s a list of carefully selected 9mm handguns for home and personal defense;

#1: Honor Defense Guard 9mm Pistols

One of the top 9mm cartridges for home and self defense, and concealed carry as a whole is the Honor Defense Guard 9mm Pistols. These handguns from an American firearm manufacturer, Honor Defense, is completely reliable, with quick draw feature, accurate shooting mechanism, and other innovative features that make shooting swifter and easier. The best part is that these handguns are built with inputs from law enforcement, veterans, and civilian instructors, plus they are purely American-made guns and none of the parts or materials used are imported or made elsewhere.

Other innovative features of the Honor Defense Guard 9mm pistols include custom grip with texture for increased control, ambidextrous magazine release, easy racking, no tool or trigger pull required to accomplish dis-assembly, lifetime warranty, and tons of other innovative features.

#2: Glock 19 Compact Semi-Automatic Pistol

While this 9mm isn’t the first in the line of Glock pistols, it has evolved to become the most widely sought after model in their line of pistols. Its increased versatility makes it a great choice for concealed carry, self defense, and home defense. While this is not a handgun that you can toss into the pocket, it’s still a compact gun that features 4.0 inch barrel and 36 inches weight.

This handgun features a polymer frame, which in turn makes the weight significantly lighter. As a result, the total load weight is 30.18 ounces. It has 15.9mm rounds, but also built with the capacity to take 17 and 33 round Glock magazine. It also comes with trigger safety. These and other innovative features of this 9mm make it a good option for home defense and concealed carry.

#3: CZ 758

This is a semi-automatic 9mm handgun. It originated from the Czech Republic. Unlike many European firearms, this handgun combines aesthetics with function, so that it is not just effective but also pleasing to the eye. The side rails of this handgun are built onto the frame, making the bore much lower compared to any average handgun. Consequently,

A self defense user would experience only minimal muzzle flip and will be able to achieve more accurate and easier-to-control rapid fire. Police and military across Europe use this handgun, including competition shooters across the globe. The great ergonomic features make the gun feel natural in the hand. And, just like the first two guns profiled above, the CZ 758 is a great choice for home defense, self defense, and competition, but somewhat heavy and large for concealed carry.

#4: Springfield XD (M) SERIES

These handguns are also popular 9mm versions, as well as versatile. They are also the favorite of home and personal defense enthusiasts. They are available in various sizes and come with different features — users will find the 5.25 inch barrel version quite attractive because of its use in shooting. While these handguns are best suited for competition, they are also excellent choice for both home defense and self-defense. The gun’s flush fit magazine holds 19 rounds of 9mm.

#4: The S &W Shield

This single stack firearm is built for concealed carry, making it a great choice for personal defense and home defense, among other uses. As expected, the single stack magazine features promote conceal carry since the gun is thinner and lightweight. It’s also a small-sized 9mm handgun, promoting very comfortable conceal carry. The weight is only 20.8 ounces. Don’t be deceived by the smallness of this gun — it has the capacity to carry 8 rounds, plus additional one in the chamber, so that you can boldly face most violent situations as a concealed carrier.

General Tips for Choosing the Right 9mm Handgun for Home and Self Defense

First, you have to put your personal defense needs into consideration. In addition to keeping them handy at home, you should also consider possible places you may want to carry your handgun to. Here are the questions to ask yourself;

  • Do I want the gun to stay permanently at home, or do I want to carry it with me everywhere?
  • Do I need a gun that serves as a crime deterrent and also stop people?
  • Do I prefer a handgun that has sufficient power to violently end the standoff?

Determining the answers to these questions will help you decide on the right type, shape and size of 9mm handgun. It’s also very important to make up your mind whether or not you are ready to pull the trigger on a human when trying to accomplish home or self defense.

Finally, you should always explore helpful handgun reviews. Check out shorter variations right here.