Here’s what industry professionals say about Honor Defense.

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This Sub-Compact is a Shooter!

“The Best bargain in CCW”

“Everything the 43 should have been, at a price anyone can afford”

“A lot of advantages over the Shield.” 

“Phenomenal Weapon”
“Absolute Must Have”

“Perhaps the best handling new pistol this year”

“may be the semi-custom 9mm EDC of your dreams”

“While I’m focusing on the end-user, I’ll sing the praises of the Honor Guard’s take-down procedure.” 2/21/16

“If you’re looking for concealed perfection.  It really is a great design, and it shows as soon as you pick it up and take a look.”

“tailored to meet consumer demand for concealed carry.


“a great single stack!

“sights are incredible”

“a very reliable shooter”

“amazingly good shooting gun”

“it sports several features that are normally upgrades one sends off to have done at a custom shop”


“the Honor Guard is easy, and fun, to shoot”.

It’s a gun that you’ll enjoy taking to the range for practice or plinking”.

“This level of quality is usually reserved for pistols in a higher price bracket.” 

“a pretty accurate little carry gun”

“I just love it, and I’m not alone.”

“this gun just has whatever that thing is that makes it greater than its spec sheet” 

+Honor Guard pistol has taken the single-stack semi-auto world by storm”

“amassing glowing reviews for its reliability and functionality”

“top-notch fit and finish, the generous use of stainless steel components and its shooter-friendly design”

 “a joy to fire with standard loads and felt recoil is less than any other handgun in its class”

 “I found my new concealed carry”

“The rest of the gun follows suit, flowing almost seamlessly from one feature to the next.” 

“a dandy little pistol”

“more comfortable and manageable to shoot than a typical concealed-carry 9 mm”

“What is probably the most feature-packed single stack in the industry today.”  

 “there’s surely something to tickle your trigger finger.”

Gun Tests comparison w Ruger and Springfield”we liked the way the Honor Guard popped into our hands and cycled quickly, making it fun to shoot.”

Mission Accomplished. 

Accuracy is excellent.

“How did they do it?” 

What makes the Honor Guard different isn’t so much in the aesthetics as it is in the design.

“Ran like a Swiss Watch”

“Functioned Flawlessly”

Grip is worth a millions bucks.”

“Fits just about anybody’s hand….a good shooter that’s made well”