HG9SC - 3.2" Barrel and SLide

Core pistol. Available with or without a Manual Thumb Safety.

Available in several colors. Lasers and Holsters are available

Perfect for any situation.


A favorite among veterans.

Will look good in your Jeep.


A sophisticated color.

HG9SC - Flat Dark earth Grip

Requested by professionals working in a desert environment.

A perfect base for a camouflage color.

HG9SCF FIST(R) - integrated standoff

Requested by Security Professional for CQB

HG9SCLS with Accessory Rail

Features 3.8″ barrel and rail for accessories.

HG9CLE - 3.8" Barrel and Slide

Requested by security professionals. 3.8″ Barrel with longer sight picture.

Available in several colors. Small grip frame for appendix carry.

C.O.P.S. Foundation

Custom - HG9SCLS

Navy SEAL Foundation Pistol

Navy SEAL Foundation Pistol

Cerakoted pistol for C.O.P.S. along with a Kester Farms Tack holster.

Custom HG9SCLS for charity

Our first charity pistol for Navy SEAL Foundation

Our 2nd pistol auctioned for Navy SEAL Foundation

Desert Tan America

Custom work

Captain America with a laser

FIST (R) - Firearm with Integrated STandoff

Requested by Hollywood

Fast target acquisition

Honor Defense is named "The New Hotness" by Guns & Ammo

2 different backstraps for a custom fit

Snag-free sights on the "draw" - when you need it most