History of the Honor Defense(R) logo

The China-Burma-India Theater (CBI) has been referred to as “The Forgotten Theater of World War II.”  Flying over the Himalayas was also known as “The Skyway to Hell” and “The Aluminum Trail.”  Many pilots would also call it “Operation Vomit”.

Our logo is designed after the shoulder patch worn by American soldiers based there.  This patch helped MP’s identify American personnel during the frequent ‘issues’ with British personnel.  Although morale was low and the challenges were difficult, these American heroes served with bravery and honor.

Our logo pays homage to these brave Americans and all those that serve our country.

We thank them for their service, and we will never forget or take their service for granted.

Our designs

We started with design input from four Product Advisors; all military/government professionals that carried firearms for a living, as well as those that train civilians in firearm safety.

Using that as our base, we developed a family of firearms and with key features that are superior to other products available.


100% American

We use only USA materials parts and companies.   

We are 100% manufactured  in the USA and dedicated to keeping it that way.

Honor Defense(R) will not purchase parts from foreign firms with USA operations that then outsource overseas.  

We support and honor American craftsmen and manufacturing.

Every firearm is assembled by Veterans, then test-fired with a +P Proof load.

All American. No apologies.

Our product advisors


Founder, ‘A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League’ & ‘Capital Area Practical Shooting’

  • IDPA Certified Safety Officer
  • NRA Certified Instructor


Law Enforcement and Military background

  • 20+ years with Fresno Police
  • 24 years in US Army Infantry Officer


Government law enforcement

  • ASAC retired – DEA/Miami Office
  • Firearm instructor
  • Tactical Instructor


Master Chief

  • 26 years in Navy
  • BUD/S Class 164